The Project Management App for Professionals

For the project management power user, Reolli has everything you need to track a project from start to finish. The flexibility combined with distinctive features means that your team will not only become better collaborators but their productivity will also be increased massively.


Clean and simple design, Comes with everything you need to get started!

Project Plans and Gantt Charts for Project Managers

Creating a Project Plan was never this efficient. Add a reusable project template and create a 1000-line Project Plan in a matter of a few minutes.

Create the perfect project plan with a spreadsheet on the left and an interactive Gantt chart on the right.

Edit task dependencies and due dates using in-line editing on the spreadsheet.


Business processes, scenarios and testing options

Reusable scenario templates reduce the data entry time for hundreds of scenarios to a few clicks.

Organize the scenarios in groups for better visibility and tracking.

Add notes, comments and attachments directly to the scenarios.

Once the real user scenarios have been tested in our scenario module, you can group those business functions into business processes for end-to-end testing.

Drag and drop the scenarios to sequence them within a business process.

Swimlane views can be exported to PDF, PNG, JPEG etc.


Issue Tracking

Create custom ticket types tailored for your organization to execute efficient workflows.

With our flexible UI and custom fields, you can manage all kinds of issues including Bug, Change Requests, Gaps, Help Desk, Support, Data Migration, Customer Care Centre etc.

Anyone can report issues, not just the end users but also the team members.

The history log for each issue will give complete visibility of the issue’s lifecycle.


Resource Forecast

Automatically calculate resource costs in Projects based on the man hours.

Set working hours, working days, holidays and weekends for the projects.

Adjust the weekly forecast of the team in a spreadsheet view.


My Day

A list of all the tasks assigned to you across the Project.

Helps you to be productive by executing one task at a time.

Apply the My Day, My Week, My Month and custom date range filters for a broader view of pending tasks and never miss any timelines.

Specific information on each task – like the End Date, Status, related items etc.